The adorable courtyard at Meehans; you'll find me here this weekend!

Happy Friday, rainy day friends! This weekend Eric and I are going to my mom's art show (come on down and say hi!), and then a bluegrass jam...I can't wait! While you're in Huntington, hanging at the art show with us, stop by these lovely Huntington staples and tell them we say hi! Enjoy the weekend!!
  • Sedoni Gallery has a plethora of cool gifts, beautiful handbags, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and a variety of photoworthy home decor items. Their prices range from wildly expensive leather bags to totally affordable stationary, rings, and gifts. I love wandering around the store and it's always a stop on the "Olivia's guide of Huntington" tour when people come visit.

  • You can't visit Huntington without stopping by Book Revue! Not only is Book Revue pretty much my favorite bookstore in the world, but they host celebrities on a weekly basis (come see Candace Bushnell!). Book Revue is an independent bookstore, and the reason I love it so much is that they have a ton of used books, and even mix the used and new together, so you never know what gem you'll find! They are always friendly, there's a delicious cafe, and it's a perfect date place.

  • As children, Jenny and I knew it would be a good day when our parents let us visit Little Switzerland Dolls. Like a child's dream come true, Little Switzerland Dolls is a toy store, filled with not only beautiful dolls, but hard-to-find toys, one-of-a-kind games, and gorgeous doll clothing. Once in a while, on a grumpy day, I'll still go browse the dolls and it never ceases to brighten my smile.

  • When you're doing shopping, have a delicious lunch at one of my fave's: Meehans! I love their burgers. Yum. I could use one now!

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