Have you heard about the Instant Button? Think of it like a big, sharp earring which looks like a jean's button, that's sort of the design. It can add or detract up to one and a half sizes from your jeans or pants. I love that! I sort of want to add one to my denim leggings so they look more like jeans...seems like a misuse of a really cool product. It's a great idea for growing kids, pregnant mamas, and anyone loosing weight! When I was loosing weight I felt like I had to buy new jeans every two weeks...and did. This will save you a lot of money (and if you're anything like me, trips to Express and stern conversations with your father--sorry dad!)
Each set comes with 2 buttons in 2 post lengths for different thicknesses of pants, you also get to choose your color-- silver or copper, and they'll only set you back $15. Again, a lot cheaper than new jeans. Find more information, pictures, testimonials and buy them here!

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