I meant to, and never did, post these pictures from my visit to Yale last weekend. We went up to see the spoken word group ¡Oye! It was my second time attending one of their performances and I was even more blown away this time than last. The intensity, professionalism, and vulnerability coming from the performers is just amazing. I found myself tearing up, cracking up and standing up (for a standing ovation) many times. I was also taken to a great meal at Miso, very solid sushi experience. I highly recommend. Anyway, here are some shots we took before the show-- had I known that the residential colleges at Yale had swings and hammocks, I think I would have applied.

Chai latte from Publick Cup, Dress from Forever21, Bag from Eric's Mom (Thank you, Cindy!) and smile from my awkwardness.

That's when Luis told me to smile like a real person. And I cracked up.

It was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous city! Now, back to the present, how was your weekend, dear hearts?

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