This weekend, Eric needed new windshield wipers. So, we headed to Kmart. You know how I feel about Kmart. While he went looking for wipers, I stayed behind and checked out the shoes. Look what I came upon! These are the Inga Shoes from the Jacklyn Smith line at Kmart--and I have to say, I love, love, love them! Let me make it known that I am not a heels person; I don't understand them, I hate wearing them, they make me cry. I've never found a pair of high heels which I have truly loved. I like my Nina heels, because they feel okay, but nothing has ever lasted the entire night with me...I've been known to kick off my heels and dance barefoot. However, these Inga shoes were so, so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing sneakers. I could easily walk around in them, and lets face it, I danced down the aisles of Kmart to see how they held up, and they did! I highly recommend these shoes, they were true to size, looked great on, and it was BOGO at Kmart, so I got both colors for $30!

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