Happy Tuesday, lovelies! This is a crazy busy week at school, but I totally forget to post these pictures, and some of them were just too cute to not post. When Eric's parents were here a few weeks ago (why does it already feel like forever ago? Man, time flies!), we all spent the day at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. It was the second day it was open for the season, so it was empty, but we had a blast walking around, exploring the historic houses, and seeing farm animals. It's a really neat place to go to because it's not a recreational place (like my favorite place in the entire world, Williamsburg, which has both recreated and historic buildings), but it's actual historical Long Island houses which were moved to the restoration. It's pretty cool to walk on floors that the first Long Islanders walked on!

An authentic kitchen.

The workshop in a house.

Some weird girl in sunglasses.

The cutest little lamb ever. It reminded me of Pip!

This horse was roaming free!

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  1. I forgot about this place. Took my son there on a class trip 30 years ago. It's good to see that it is still as nice as it was then.