When I was in Paris, I ate at L'Astrance, the Cristal Room at the Baccarat and 1728, among other fine dining Parisian restaurants, but what do I crave? What do I go to bed dreaming out? What do I wish I had eaten more of? Nutella crepes. Heaven help me, I do not regularly eat sugar, but I will never pass up a crepe with Nutella spread on it's beautiful cracked surface--never.

I'd been meaning to try the Village Creperie since before the Paris trip was even on the table, but what meal is a crepe exactly? Like I said, I don't really eat sugar, so it was already a no-no. A crepe would never fill me up for a whole meal. I don't really do dessert. Once I got back from Paris, though, I was hooked and I set my sights on the Village Creperie. Luis and I tried to make it there a number of times, either we got distracted (usually by french fries), or arrived too late (one down side, they close at 9:30 on weekend nights!)--but, good things come to those who wait. And we found ourselves there Sunday afternoon. Turns out crepes are the perfect light late brunch. I had a [celebratory] crepe Nutella, and Luis the Mona Lisa, which is apples, cinnamon and brown sugar. My crepe was good, not amazing but good. It was not the crepe I ate while walking to the apartment in Paris, all triangled up with foil. But it was good-- it was warm and layers of Nutella oozed out of it, and who can object to that? It was good enough that I'm damning the click, wishing I had thought to bother Luis to run into town for some crepes an hour ago (I wonder if their to-go crepes come in foil?).

If you're in Huntington and looking for a snack, light meal, or dessert stop in the Village Creperie, at 335 New York Avenue in Huntington Village. No, it's not the real thing, but it is close enough to stir some memories of the real thing, and Nutella-y enough to be quite enjoyable, so why not give it a shot?

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