It never occurred to me before, but getting dressed for interviews (and the subsequent jobs which hopefully follow them) is difficult. There is no "one outfit fits all" when it comes to interviews. For example, I recently interviewed at a real estate brokerage for a front desk position. I wanted to look simultaneously, young, professional, not too young, friendly, and comfortable. Not too corporate, but still businesslike. I ended up with a black pencil skirt, and a salmon colored sweater [which I bought from the Gap last spring for like $10] and my flats. My interviewed said I looked nice! That's good, right?

It's actually the same outfit I wore to my Russian professor Irina's home for a goodbye party last May.
Now, that outfit worked for the real estate job, but today I have an interview at a religious institution (hey! I could actually work in my field!) which has a reputation for being sort of casual, almost crunchy. I have no idea what to wear, and it's in 2 hours, so I should probably move. I want to wear my American Apparel top, but I think that might be too casual. I feel like I should wear something from J.Jill. However, I don't own anything from J.Jill. Organic cotton, post yoga chic-- that's the look I need. Time to start the search--I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Ooh, I LOVE the hunt for - and even stress of - perfect interview clothes. But then all my interviews have been in the art world, so I have a license to be creative. I love pencil skirts with sassy heels and a skinny belt - and patterned tights in winter. I usually pair that with a simple top (J-Crew button-downs are great) and some pop-worthy jewelry.