Here's what I'm learning about party planning: there's always something else, and there's always something you're forgetting. The past three days of forgetting and remembering went like this: The price and proximity of parking. The hotel for out of towners and a potential discount. Family friends we almost forgot! Family friends we almost forgot, take two! Party favors-- this is more my style. Now I find myself shoulder deep in firefox tabs looking for cookie favors from Etsy and Foodzie.

I love these letter cookies from Lunch Box Lane. I'd get an H for my father's first initial. In blue. Imagine those packaged up with a beautiful blue ribbon? Beautiful.

Oh my, I also love these beautiful Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies from Whimsy and Spice. Can you imagine how they smell? Can you imagine how they taste? Can you tell me where exactly in Brooklyn they're located?

I'm headed in tonight and must try these, the honey lavender shortbread cookies, and the espresso dulce de leche brownies. The chocolate chili cashew biscotti must, must be sampled too. I'm coming for you, Whimsy and Spice. Be prepared.

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