Happy Friday, Loves! I thought I would change up our regularly scheduled Friday websites and do something a little more personal today: 10 random facts about Olivia. Before we get started, what are you all doing this weekend? We're not doing much at all! We're preparing for a garage sale in the next few weeks and cleaning; fun, eh? I'm oddly excited to find stuff to sell! I know that our things won't go for too much money, but I love the thrill of wondering where my "stuff" will end up! Whatever you end up doing this weekend, remember to enjoy the start of May (where did this year go?!)!

Random facts about Olivia:

1. I hate my oatmeal hot; I can only eat it cold, otherwise it's not as appetizing to me at all!
2. I have the smallest shoe size in the world. Seriously, I shop in the kid's department all the time.
3. I collect mythology books; I can't not buy it if I find a used one (especially at garage sales!).
4. I'm an ardent Muppet fan and always have been. Funny that Kermit plays the banjo and so does Eric, no? Coincidence? You decide.
5. I was mere credits away from being a Sociology major, but I didn't want to take stats. Lame of me, I know.
6. Also, even closer to being a Religions major, but had to take "Intro to Religion" which had field trips every Saturday morning. Yeah, not so much. Ha.
7. Our parents met in high school!
8. I'm a huuuuge James Taylor fan and can't wait to get a new concert t-shirt when I go next month.
9. I have a camera-obsession and feel like one can't own enough cameras. I don't have many at all, actually, but to me, cameras are like bags: you need one for every occasion!
10. I loathed when Carrie dated the Russian. I mean, come on!

What are some random facts about you?! Do share!


  1. You are adorable, Olivia. I'm glad to know you even better! I'm with you on numbers 4, 7, 8 and 10. John says I have a space in my brain devoted solely to muppet trivia and I say "I'm okay with that!" Also, when and where is James Taylor playing? I HAVE to get tickets - he's my fave. Have avgreat weekend lovely

  2. speaking of muppets, did you know that your dear papa and i (your dear pal by association) went to college with muppet king's daughter, muppet princess lisa henson??!!

    how's that for a random tidbit?

  3. Beth, that's funny! I think dad did mention that! Thanks for checking us out and commenting!

    Maya, JT and Carole King are playing at MSG!