Morning Spring Chicks! Well, you all know how much I love playing hostess, so a few weeks back, when Jenny suggested we make a Passover dinner this year (even though we couldn't do it on Passover, due to time constraints), I was overly excited and very eager to host my first Passover at my new apartment. Let's be honest here, I really just wanted matzo ball soup and enjoy making it. On the menu was the aforementioned soup (which, when I realized I didn't have any vegetable oil in the house--I know, I know, who doesn't have vegetable oil in the house?--called my mother to see if I could use olive oil, to which she responded a resounding "no." She actually drove over to bring me vegetable oil--I kept saying to her, "Mom, I thought it was Hanukkah in which they ran out of oil?" She got a kick out of it every time.) We also had roast chicken, Kasha (I didn't know what this was until Eric told me his family eats it!), baby carrots, and brownies for desert (ha). I have had the pictures sitting on my computer, waiting to be posted, so without further ado, welcome to my apartment and our Passover dinner!

Jenny made us personalized Passover scripts for the seder!

My beautiful table setting. Yes, I put the silverware on the wrong sides. It's sort of my thing (?).

Food! Everything was delicious.

The host of the evening reading his part of the script.

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