Jenny in San Fran last summer; oh how I wish I was going away soon!

Happy Friday, little loves! What are you all doing this weekend? This weekend Eric and I are going to a lot of musical events. Tonight my students are playing music at a local museum, and then we're seeing a friend's band play. Tomorrow my beaut friend Astrid is coming out to jam with Eric; she's an amazing singer, and he wants to learn some new music. Can't wait to see her! Before you head off to your wonderful weekends, check out these cool websites/things I've stumbled across this week!
  • How cute would it be to leave love notes in the shower for your lovely one? Now you can, with Aqua Notes! It's paper than doesn't dissolve in water--how insanely cool. Plus, according to their website, "made of waterproof paper that is totally recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Each pencil is water resistant and is made with Incense Cedar wood, a responsibly harvested renewable resource meeting stringent environmental requirements. Even the ink used to print the logo and company information on the notepad is soy based." Not so shabby for Earth Day Week! Love this idea.
  • I am seriously obsessed with the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet from Jewels2LiveBy!
  • Laura, over at Sweet Life Laur, just posted this delicious looking recipe for the perfect hash browns. What a great side these would be with eggs and sausages on your Saturday morning lazy brunch!
  • Teacher friends, take note and check out TeacherTube--it's full of videos to show in class, and with a huge database (it uses Google, obvs) and an easy search engine tool, you'll surely find something fun and educational to show!

And just in case you were too busy to read this week, check out some Lovely posts!

  • Should Jenny wear this dress to our dad's 50th birthday party?
  • On why I love this dress, and my students call it my "rainbow dress"!
  • What do you wear to job interviews?

Happy weekend!

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