Saturday night around 9PM Luis and I busted into the Smith Haven Mall, ready to power-shop through Forever21. Well, I was ready to power-shop, Luis was welcome to do whatever he pleased. The mall closes at 9:30, I had half an hour to make my way through the racks and racks of Forever21 dresses to determine if this month's merchandise had any chance of outfitting me for Dad's 50th or my five year reunion (I'm talking to you Friends Academy class of '05!).
I guess I looked pretty lost because a young man who worked there asked if I needed help and then whisked me away on a grabbing spree comparable with Julia Robert's spree in Pretty Woman. No, seriously. Okay, whatever, not really. But we did grab a lot of dresses. I tried on a ton of dresses, so I must have found ONE that looked good. One, right? I mean my chances were pretty high. Yes, well. I still have no dress, for either event. So, awesome. Weirdly, only four of the twenty-some-odd dresses I tried on are on the site.

From right to left: Square Necked Drop Waist is clearly not a good look for me; I am not a disco sort of girl, wish I was, but just am not; Too busy, too Suzy Home Maker (and that's saying a lot for me); I didn't even leave the dressing room to show Luis this one, that's how bad it was.

Now, this goes without saying that these dresses are really quite pretty and might look awesome on you, reader. However on me, Jenny, co-founder of Lovely At Your Side, NYU graduate, hopeful party planner, these dresses were pretty much god-awful. Any suggestions? Any ideas for me? I need help! Help me, lovelies! Help!

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