When I was 12, I took sailing lessons at camp. This mostly consisted of me, a chubby 12 year old, being stuffed into a life vest and sitting on edge of the teeny-tiny boat, while the counselor took us out on the water, let us sit there for a few minutes, and then directed us back to land. Nevertheless, I consider myself a sailor. Go with me on this one, okay? I definitely consider myself a sailor when it comes to my serious crush on these Recycled Sail Tote Bags from reiter8. These lined tote bags are made from actual sails, and the Green Number 8 one (also comes in red and blue) that I adore, has an inside pocket, dark chocolate lining, and an 26” olive nylon webbing strap. The bag is approximately 14.5 x 15 with a 3" deep box bottom. Perfect for carrying my summer-bag requirements of sunglasses, water, dance clothes, and suntan lotion! Which bag would you tote around this summer?

Pictured: Recycled Sail Tote Bag - Green Number 8; Recycled Sail Tote Bag - Blue Star; Recycled Sail Tote Bag - Green number 4

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