Sometimes when I'm perusing the internet I read a story which is too sad. I close the tab, shake my head and tell Luis "I can't even..." and then try to forget it. Except, I then feel ashamed, I can't even read it and someone is living it. And I can't even bear witness to their sadness. So I hit "shift" "apple" "t" and open it up again and read. This is how I felt about the blog on Falling Whistles. About little boys stolen from their families, made to fight, finally escape and then seen as enemies of the state and imprisoned. And that's the survivors. Olivia and I try to keep things light here, we want to add Lovely to your life, but this cause is a great one and it deserves a mention, any way to spread the word is worthwhile.

I sat through the video and was confused. Luis explained to me: "Give a child a whistle, tell them 'Walk in that direction, blow the whistle and don't stop.' When the whistle stops, you've found your enemy." I did't even ask about why the whistle stops blowing.

Falling Whistles is a non profit company that sells whistles wear ranging in price from $34-$100, with an "fw" inscribed on them. All proceeds go to "rehabilitat[ing] war affected children in Congo and advocat[ing] for their freedom." You can also just donate through their site.

I really want the Gold one and plan on setting aside small amounts of cash for it. $100 for a very interesting piece of jewelry is not ridiculous, but it is a lot for me to spend. But to get a necklace and support a good cause is most definitely worth it.

I also wanted to point out that Falling Whistles is now looking for interns for Summer 2010. What an amazing opportunity this would be. I would love to hear back from their interns, hear how their experience was-- which one of you lovelies is going to take on such an exciting and rewarding experience and tell me all about it? Hm, which one of you? I can't wait to see!

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  1. Hi Jenny!
    My name is Mallory, I am a former intern for Falling Whistles. I want to thank you for supporting FW and for being a whistleblower for peace.
    We would really love to stay in touch with you to keep you updated on future events and initiatives!
    Please e-mail me at!

    In peace,
    Mallory and the FW Crew