There's nothing I love more in life than convertible things. I'm a huge fan of convertible bags (sometimes I want to wear the bag on my shoulder, and sometimes not!). I love options. I love being able to change my mind last minute. As Billy Joel sang about women, "she never gives out, and she never gives in, she just changes her mind." This is why I love convertible wrap dresses so much. I love the idea of wearing the same "dress" to different occasions, but changing the style each time. Or, what if it gets chilly out? Just re-wrap the dress with sleeves! Love it.

I'm totally crushing on all the gorgeous wrap dresses from Coralie Beatrix by Sophie Pearl; for one thing, these dresses come in a huge variety of colors and prints (the one shown here is Sand Dollar Grey). Second of all, these dresses are pretty much one size fits all, so no woman should feel bad about herself in this dress! Third, they are perfect for travel (think: honeymoon!); they can crunch up in your carry-on and still come out looking perfect. They can be dressed up or down; oh, and they are made from a super-soft fabric, which is sure to make you feel sexy and adorable. These would be the perfect bridesmaid dresses, for they come in long and short lengths and would look amazing on any woman. It's very rare in life when things come out perfect, but here we go: the perfect wrap dress. Move over, Diane, here comes Sophie Pearl!

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