Happy Friday, loves! So recently, I learned of the term "haul" in the blogging world; it basically means to show off what you bought on your "haul" shopping. Interesting how these words come to mean these things, eh? I decided I would show off my most recent and exciting haul: my library books! Yesterday Eric went to get a new library card, since he's a recent Long Islander, and fell in love with our local library. When I got home from school my prince whisked me away in his chariot to show me this glorious library. We both ended up getting some good books, and books I've been waiting to read! As we were checking out, I looked at our selection and thought, "I wonder what people think of us based on the books we read?!" Have you ever thought of that, beauts? On another note, Eric and I are going out on the town tonight to a fancy soiree! I can't wait. Pictures to come. We're spending the rest of the weekend around town and attending the fair at my school. It's looking like it'll be a sunny Spring weekend here on Long Island, so I hope you have beautiful weekend! Any special plans?!

My and Eric's Library Haul:

  • Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell; one of my student's gave me Blink to read and I loved his writing, I can't wait to read this! Olivia=Sociology nerd.
  • Mountain Biking, Eastern New York by Michael Margulis; can you tell whose book pick this one was? Eric's on the hunt for a new bike and trails.
  • The Peabody Sisters by Meghan Marshall; when I was in Boston last week, one of the historic house tour guides told me to read this, and I'm being honest with you when I say I really cannot wait to delve into this read!
  • CF Martin and His Guitars by Philip Gura; this was Eric's exciting book-catch of the day!
  • The Ukulele, A Visual History by Jim Beloff; the uke is my next instrument to learn...uh, make that my first instrument...the guitar was just too big for me!
  • Read any good books lately? Do share! I'm always looking for a good read!

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