I just got this emails from the adorable Laura:

Hi Jenny!
You're the best at this, so I'm enlisting you for help again. I have two 1920's themed events in May. They're both pretty dressy, but my only requirement is to dress like a flapper/1920's style. I saw this flapper dress at Forever 21, but I'm worried a lot of girls will get the same thing, because Forever 21 is one of the only stores we have here (San Luis Obispo, the "big city" near me, actually has the biggest store in the Forever 21 chain, it's in an old department store!). Can you help me find a 20's-style dress that stands out?

(yes, this is a super cute dress-- love the shiny back, but it's no good when you unintentionally match other flapper girls at the party!)
Well, girl, to that I say the '20s and flappers were about a whole lot more than fringe! (Also, um, I'm visiting... I must visit that Forever21.) Here's what the '20s and flapper culture was also about: chiffon, drop waists, skirts about the knee and beading. Now, go forth!

Here's what I found from Forever21:

Here's what I found elsewhere (Urban Outfitters):

Do you get it, kids? Flapper is so much more than just fringe-- it's a whole host of things. And really, isn't everything just a state of mind? I'd love to see your creative, authentic, non-traditional "costume" flapper outfits. Let's help the lovely Laura out here, beauties!

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  1. i also like this for a 20's themed party. give it some pearls and feathered hair piece to costume it up or boots and a tote to .. just wear it =)

    Urban Outfitters' BDG French Terry Dropwaist Dress