Do you dear hearts remember how I am throwing my dad this wedding-sized 50th birthday party? Right, well, I am. I spent a lot, lot, lot of time working on the invite and was sort of bummed when my brilliant aunt suggested I use evite. Because it sort of sounded like a good idea. They'd make RSVP'ing so easy, track my guests and send out reminders closer to the date. But i had worked out the whole system in my head of how it worked, and this was not how my invites would go out. I checked out evite and frankly was not impressed. The image of the invite which I could upload was tiny, or squished. I had worked really hard on it and was not about to throw it away for text and poor design. Notice, I did not link to on here, that was intentional.

I sat back smug, I had the better idea-- I was better than evite, which was like the only program out there, right?

So a few days later I was perusing Mary Rambin's site, and stumbled across an entry that mentioned a website called I visited, poked around and then redesigned the invite to fit pingg's aesthetic-- it wasn't a big redesign, but it was symbolic. Pingg offered so much I was willing to change my plan to work with them.

They offered: a design your own invite option, wherein I could just upload my complete design, the option to enter guests names as I saw fit (Tim and Connie, to show that a couple was invited or The Gerber Family, so the family knew kids were welcome), Pingg then enables you to choose the number of people in each group and enter their names individually. The layout was sleek and chic, and most importantly, easy to navigate. Once I sent out the invites (which wasn't too bad, consider they give lots of options on how to load your guests in) I could track who received their invite, who read their invite, who said yes and no, who looked at the event webpage (the invite, event stream and some photos I added), and allowed me to read comments, public and private, from our invitees. I also set it up to send out a reminder to RSVP 7 days before, a reminder of the pertinent party information the day before and a thank you for joining us note after the party! How cool is that!? I'll tell you, it's seriously cool.
So far I am totally, totally pleased with Pingg, I'm looking forward to using them again, and am considering planning a party for the sole purposes of using their site. Do motivations count in party planning?


  1. I really hate receiving evite invitations, so I'm glad there are people that don't like sending them. I don't like is so much that I'll call the person and RSVP over the phone and let them know I don't really "do" evite so they can figure it out however. I hope I can get a pingg invite one day though. It sounds much more analog-person-friendly.

  2. Thought you should know that, although I am not an entertainer by heart, you ispire me to be one :) Let's all hang out this summer on the island