Olivia and I got an email from the fabulous Laura G. the other night. Laura G. and I went to high school together, we made it through plenty of drama, lunches in the atrium and indie bands together. I was glad to hear from her, and even happier to see that she was looking to us for assistance. So here's the email:

So here's what I'm thinking: these girls don't need practical gifts, they need to open up a box of smiles. And by smiles, I mean silly toys, puzzles, crafts and candy. Yes! Candy.

Hello lovelies!
So I have been thinking lately that I want to send my best friends from college, (both of whom live hours away, one in California, the other in Maryland), care packages. They are both very different but very similar at the same time, it's why we were all able to live together for 3 years and only wanted to kill each other sometimes.
I am turning to you wonderful girls because who is better to ask about these things than the experts, and it seems that since starting this site (and even before), you were always the experts!
So my dearest friends are both wonderfully unique in their own ways;
1. Brianne has recently moved from her home near Boston to LA to follow her dream (and major) of working in film production. She has been having some rough times, (living in what we have started to refer to as the "Harry Potter Closet", having her car shipped out there to get into an accident after having it for only 2 days, and not getting much paid work). It's tough, but she has been getting through it. I figured a care package from the East Coast might get her spirits up but I don't know what to get her. She loves photography, film production, clothes and generally just being happy. She was my first true friend at college and I want to make sure she is happy and not too homesick. So my question is, what do you get for a girl who moved across the country to live in a closet (literally) who couldn't be happier?
2. Heather moved home to Baltimore after 4 years in Connecticut, she now has a full time job as a reporter at a local weekly paper down there. Her work is going well but when she is down about something, she tends to think everything in her life is going the wrong direction. I figured a care package would be the perfect thing to lift her spirits and remind her that there are still people in the world who care about her more then she knows. Heather is a loving person at heart, she loves puppies (cause really? who doesn't?), almost any kind of music (her favorites tending more towards the indie genre), and having a good time (vague I know, but it's true). So what would you get someone who, as of late, has been thinking the world is out to bring her down?
The main thing here also, I'm just a lowly sales assistant at a radio station, so budget is definitely a factor in my decision making. I hope you lovelies are able to help me in someway if you can!
I'm thanking you now because I know you're going to come up with something!!
I hope life is wonderful!
PS - This is a picture of the three of us the day before graduation (Brianne on the left, me in the middle (about 30 lbs heavier then I am now!), and Heather on the right)!

Goofy Monster Head Lollipops are sure to bring a smile to Brianne and Heather's faces. I mean, unless they're made of stone. Are they made of stone, Laura? They come in at 12 for $5.99, that's 50 cents a lollipop.

There is no doubt in my mind that these Pirate Connect Four Games would make them laugh and smile, as well as making a great conversation starter/ ice breaker. At 12 for $3.99, they are 40 cents each, and with lots left over you could even keep one and give the rest to other friends to make them smile too! You and Brianne and Heather could even play together!

And then I got really excited about crafts-- crafts are a great way to take your mind off things, to busy your hands and to make yourself smile in the process. I love these Zoo Animal Masks ($5.99 for 12, 50 cents each), these Sweet Treats Magnet Craft kits ($3.99 for 12, or 40 cents for one), and these Funny Playtime Mustaches Craft Kits ($3.99 for 12, or 40 cents each).

Then, I'd go to the pharmacy or grocery store and buy some chocolate or candy and throw it all in a flat rate shipping box. Ram as much candy in as possible. Maybe even some packaged black and white cookies (a little love from Manhattan) or home baked cookies for that extra touch! Not including the extra candy, and including all of the crafts, games and candy from Oriental Trading Company, the whole adventure will cost you $23 and you'd have a lot of special gifts left over for up coming birthdays, or gifts just to make someone smile! What do you think, Laura? And what about all you lovelies?

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  1. Thank you! The minute I get home from work tonight I'm going to start planning this! I knew you would come up with something!