Morning Lovelies! Sorry for my absence last week; I was in good ol' Beantown with my students. It was gorgeous in Boston, and I even went on a whale watch and saw Humpback whales up close! How was your Mother's Days? Ours was delightful, filled with lots of flowers and family! Well, even though it's Spring into Summer-time, it's still Monday, so I thought we'd fill this Monday with some amazing Etsy finds! Have you had any good Etsy finds lately? Do share!

Lovin' this totally one-of-a-kind and gorgeous handmade jewelry from Lulu Bug Jewelry. I am obsessed with the "You Are My Sunshine" necklace!

...and check out Lulu Bug's sister's shop, Raw Art Letter Press for some unique art for your walls! Um, hello, I am totally in love with the "Amor Vincit Omnia" sign!

I love, love, love this cool print of "All My Little Friends" from Ashley G's shop. I love her illustrations and design aesthetic; this girl is going to become famous, just you wait! Also, obsessed with the prints, "One of Those Days" and "Every Boy is a Superhero Sometimes." (Maybe this is what Pip would look like as a human?!)

Love these new finds! Have a great day, loves!

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