Lovely Monday, Lovelies! On Friday Olivia shared ten random facts about her, and now as a Monday ease into the week post, I'm going to share ten random facts about me, the younger lovely sister-Jenny.

1. I got glasses in the eighth grade because when my math grade went down my step-dad mockingly said "Maybe you can't see the board," I got my eyes checked and turned out he was right.

2. Brunch is my favorite meal, and a hotel brunch buffet is an incredibly exciting experience for me.

3. When I was little I named my teddy bear Jennybear, and my stuffed dogs Buckley and Bucklietta (twin boy and girl, clearly) after our dog Buckley.

4. I once worked on a student film with a bunch of my friends.

5. I'm totally afraid of ghost stories, when I was in St Andrews, Scotland and visited the old castle, and cathedral (including my harrowing visit to St Rule's tower), I was too afraid to research the ghost stories of the town until I was safely in my hotel, hours away, in Edinburgh. And then I was still totally freaked out.

6. Gold is my metal of choice, I think I look ridiculous in silver.

7. I used to be a serious Apple-hater, but am a true convert. I went from having a Dell Jukebox (which broke the day we arrived in Puerto Rico for vacation, just three days after I got it for Christmas), a Dell Laptop (which broke 4 months after I got it and then died the following year) and an LG phone. I now am the proud mama of an iPod (which, yes has been replaced), a MacBook (which, yes, has broken down before) and an iPhone.

8. My favorite food is rice krispie treat concoction, still hot from the melting.

9. I have this ability to fall in love with a scent right before the perfume is discontinued. I started wearing YSL's Young Sexy Lovely (hey, how apt- never realized that before!) wore it for a year and then when I was out it was no longer being made. Repeat with L'Occitane's Notre Flore Cedre.

10. Daily I wear $10 fake diamond earrings, and a ring Olivia made in shop when she was 10. I would be very upset if I lost either.

Okay, beauties, we've shared. Now it's your turn! Let's hear some random facts about you! If not ten than at least one! Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week.

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  1. Top 5 favorite inane objects to carry in my purse..
    Little Jelly jars
    from restaurants;a puppy toy,for my puppy, in case of an emergency; Melba toast packages from restaurants,and I really hate melba toast..(it just makes me feel virtuous to have them with me..) Mapquest directions to an an unknown location which I do not remember having traveled to, but I might have to return to someday; a receipt for jeans from Macy's from two years ago which turned out too tight,but I now can't locate the jeans..