I was really upset about the whole Falling Whistles situation. There was something about this cause and company which trapped me, I knew I had to donate.

Confession: I just purchased an Original Falling Whistle. Confession part 2: I just purchased one for you too.
Now you're looking around saying "who me?" Well of course I'm talking to you, there's no one else in the room. Who else would I be talking to?

Here's how it works, dears, it's a raffle: for every dollar you donate to Falling Whistles you get a ticket. In the end we choose a random ticket out of a hat, or a bag, or a pot and whoever's name is pulled is the winner, the prize being an Original Falling Whistle. Remember--the more you donate the higher your chance of winning is!

In order to participate in the raffle you must donate through Lovely At Your Side. This means clicking the Donation Button below and donating through PayPal. If you do not donate through Lovely At Your Side and donate directly to Falling Whistle, well, we think that's awesome, but it's also impossible for us to verify.

The raffle ends June 10th, at 5PM. That is when the last donations will be considered and when the choosing hat will be organized.

Consider this: donate a dollar and you have a chance of winning the whistle-- that's a great deal for you! And as I've bought the Falling Whistle, and did not receive it as a gift from the company, they are already getting a $34 donation, all of your donations are on top of that!

Please, please participate (and please, please put up with PayPal's occasional ability to make me want to slap my laptop, it's a really annoying site, but damnit if it isn't good at what it does), Falling Whistle is an amazing cause and they deserve attention and support. Donate, any little bit helps (but big bits help too!)

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