Olivia and I just ended a 20 minute long conversation. This is pretty much how it went: Olivia would share a story, snippet of news, or adventure. I'd complain about the house being full of food and still being unable to find anything to sate my appetite. Olivia would commiserate, fill me in on plans. I'd complain about not having a dress for our Dad's 50th. Olivia would laugh at me. I'd complain about being hungry. Olivia would mention how she needs to quilt again. I'd complain about pretty much everyone in the universe. Then I'd complain about food. Then I'd complain about not knowing what to post about. Then Olivia said "Go find something to eat and calm down."

These are my momentary fixes:

  • A Thomas' English Muffin, toasted with butter and syrup. I could eat forty of these. But I only had one.
  • Olivia pointed me in the direction of Victoria's Secret's Semi Annual Sale. Am currently finding these dresses interesting.

Daytime jersey A-line Convertible Dress in solids, Daytime jersey sleeveless wrap dress.

I'm also drinking lemonade. And it's really hard to stay grouchy when you're drinking lemonade. So, for now, I'll be okay.

What are your Sunday blues go-to fixes, lovelies? I could use some suggestions!

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