So, I've been thinking a lot about cookies lately. With summer coming up, I want to take more time to hone my baking skills on my time off. Eric loves cookies, so I figure I'll try some new recipes and have some delicious new cookies to pack in his lunch. However, I quickly realized while browsing recipes online that I have no where to store said future-cookies. We don't own a cookie jar! I happen to love cookie jars; they are classic, can be very original, and are a great way to spruce up the design of your kitchen. I wanted a non-kitschy cookie jar, something that wasn't too silly looking or with bright flashy colors. I searched for handmade cookie jar in Etsy, and voila: the answer to my prayers! I absolutely love, love, love this handmade earthenware Clothing Line Jar from Ron Philbeck Pottery. I love that the clothes-line wraps around the jar and features clothing, socks, and a quilt! The colors are subtle, and so classic-country looking; perfect for my wannabe country kitchen. (By the by, he also has a Clothing Line Mug, and pasta dishes!). I love the style of the pottery by Philbeck; it all seems so salt-of-the-earth, original, and hearty. His plates and bowls would be an amazing wedding present and would surely make anyone who uses them feel right at home!

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  1. Ron is one of my favorite potters. Lucky me, I get to have my breakfast coffee every morning in one of his delightful mugs! Anyone interested in the goings on of a truly generous and artistic soul should also check out his blog (linked above). I have been reading his thoughtful posts for about a year now and am always fascinated by what he shares there.