I was angrily [and in the end, vainly] trying to fix the internet this evening when I received an email from Audie. Audie has been my best friend since junior year of high school. He's been my confident, my yearbook page partner, my prom date, my senior project partner, the one who listened to my home sick self weep and weep the first few days of college. Audie and I have had countless breakfasts, trips to the art store, discussions about [and nick names for] men we had crushes on, ice cream cones (crunchy sugar ones) and discussions of the future (he promised to support me and then went to art school- thanks Aud!)

Posing for the camera, as per usual.


So natural, obviously.

Do you get how important this person is to me? Okay, well this is how the e-mail began:

"hey babe

im writing to let you know that i was in a bike accident this morning around 8 or 8:30 while I was on my way to work."

He's okay, currently at home, his surgeried face being taken care of by his dear friend Jordan and his housemates (and you're loving that attention, aren't you?). He cannot speak, and cannot eat solid foods. So what should I send him? I'm thinking the "Get Well and Let Your Jaw Heal" gift package should include pudding, straws, and milkshake mixes? Maybe gift certificates to Shaw's (Audie is a Boston Boy)? Or Starbucks? Or Dunkin' Donuts? Jamba Juice? Hale and Hearty Soups? He is on a liquid diet, as prescribed by the doctor, so what should I send? I'm looking at you lovelies, I'm still a bit distraught*, so I could use your guidance.

*The accident took place on train tracks, I can't even go to the "what-if"s

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  1. Maybe it's time to celebrate the Lovely other senses (aka a Lovely Distraction package) - maybe some nice body scrub, something that smells yummy, an iTunes gift card, or a full season of a trashy TV show!