Oh my! Mary asked for some lovely slip covers and I found just the coolest website ever. (Shut up, I know I say that a lot. And two times today). Stretch and Cover lets you, this is exciting, so are you listening? Right. It lets you design your own couch, chair, ottoman, recliner, dining room chairs and more.
I like their solid options, and the fact that there are options! I like that you can get the slip cover to fit your couch, that means less slipping, stretching, and uncovering-- which means a the whole couch situation is less stressful (am I the only one who gets stressed about sitting on a newly covered couch?) . I'm considering ordering some covers for this house as the dog has either ruined the upholstery or we are trying very hard to keep her from ruining it with quilts, which- to be fair- is quite pretty/ shabby chic, but needs to be reassembled about three times a week. These reasonably priced sofa covers could certainly assist in solving this problem. What do you think, Mary?

Pip with the couch she has nearly destroyed.

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