After the postal worker said my cookies were "original," I started thinking about weird flavors to put in cookies. For some reason my mind was stuck on basil. I couldn't stop thinking about basil cookies; I didn't even know if they existed already, but I knew I wanted to research it and find out. And find out, I did! I came across two delicious looking recipes (I'm on a recipe/cooking/baking kick, have you figured that out yet? It's the Summer-Vacation Olivia coming out! I bought Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything" yesterday and I can't wait to delve into it.). The first recipe for Basil Cookies, from the adorable blog, "Gastronomy" looked like a very easy to follow, simple, and thoroughly explained recipe (I love when recipes have step-by-step pictures, don't you?). The other recipe, for Lemon-Basil Snaps, is from YumSugar (actually, the recipe is from Southern Living, which I happen to love. I'm Southern by association, aren't I?). These cookies look so light and fresh! I bet they would be amazing with homemade iced tea. Don't feel like baking? Order these Cinnamon Basil Tea Cookies from the Foodzie store, Botanical Bakery in Napa, California. As they say on their website, "Sure they are an unlikely pair, yet they have a lot in common: They both have anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities, and they reduce glucose levels in the blood. With the first bite you recognize basil, then cinnamon slowly sets in with passion. Swaying back and forth. Cinnamon and basil. Basil and cinnamon, in our buttery, all natural tea cookies, baked thoughtfully in small batches." Sounds good to me! Would you attempt to make a basil based cookie? I love this idea!

Picture courtesy of Botanical Bakery.

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