Hey Beauties! We've been really excited to see the raffle purchases coming in, but we want to see your name in our donation box! To read about Falling Whistles visit out blog post here, or their amazing website. To buy a raffle ticket click here or the donate button below (or click the donate button on the right hand side on the page!). Raffle tickets are $1, the winner will be drawn June 10, and the winner will receive a Falling Whistle. All proceeds will be directly donated to the advocacy and rehabilitation of "children affected by war in the Congo," through Falling Whistles. Please get involved, donate, and make a difference in a deserving child's life.

Check me out with my whistle! It came the other day and I was so, so excited! Your's is sitting in its gift bag with the letter and book which accompanied it, waiting for you to buy raffle tickets and donate and be sent home to you.

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  1. Hello Olivia and Jenny!

    Thank you for supporting Falling Whistles! We appreciate you using your voice to be a whistleblower for peace!

    I would love to stay in touch with you to keep you informed on future FW events and initiatives, feel free to e-mail me at jjones@fallingwhistles.com

    Peace and Love,
    Jen and the FW Crew