Hi Lovelies! It's the week of the Fourth of July, which means everyone and their mother will be bustin' out their red, white, and blue attire. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for celebrating the holidays by wearing the holiday's color (I have a mean pair of Christmas elf pajamas), but I like to celebrate the holiday in style. There's no need to overdo it when it comes to dressing the part, you can show you're patriotic, love America, and love red, white, and blue, while still looking classy and amazing. Check out these outfit finds which are not only perfect for The Fourth of July, but will keep you feeling and looking cool (and your money in your wallet!).

Jersey Bow Band Dress ($17.80); Lacquer Strip Earrings ($3.80); Printed Ropes Tote ($5.80)
=Total price of outfit: $27.40 (!)

Coral Red Short Summer Dress in Crinkled Linen ($45); Aqua Drops - Brilliant Blue Crystal Briolette Earrings ($10); Kenzie Flower Headband ($10)=Total price of outfit: $65

Which outfit is more YOU for the Fourth?

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