Hello, dear readers! How was your weekend? Mine was great and exhausting! Luis and I were pleased to host the wonderful Tracey and Robert this weekend. They came out Friday night, and we whisked them off to Huntington where they picked hibachi-- we had so much fun catching (or not catching, in my case) zucchini in our mouths, and watching the masters do their work! Samurai is great, as is its sister restaurant Tomo-- the food is delicious (hibachi and sushi alike), but don't plan on going there and having a conversation. We sat next to a 15th birthday party and were driven to hysterical laughter with, as Luis calls it, "Gossipgirl Gossipgirl gossipGirl, gossipgirl Gossip Girl?" conversation. The girls were having a blast, and that's really all that matters, though! And we had a lot of fun yelling at each other over the table, restaurant noise and clamoring of plates.

Saturday we headed out to the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead-- quite a drive, but totally worth it. Luis got blue swim shorts (not pictured), khakis, and red shorts (they look redder in the photo) from Brooks Brothers, and a white button down and a grey tie (not pictured, but for like $7) from American Apparel. I picked up some goodies at American Apparel too, and got the softest comfiest yoga pants from Victoria's Secret, for $4--every piece of clothing in the store was $4, it's amazing. They were also selling underwear for $2 a pair. It was a very successful trip to the outlets-- but I'm always ready to go back, who's in?

For a late dinner we went to a new favorite and standard go-to-- Almarco on Wall Street. They are consistently good; the food, the service, the decor is always really lovely. Tracey and Robert loved it too, which made me very happy. I loved how they didn't rush us out as we closed the place down chatting about college over espressos and phenomenal chocolate cake.

Father's Day was all about relaxing (for us, but ostensibly for our Dads!)--how was your weekend, lovelies? Any great restaurants, stores, outlet deals to suggest?

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