Oh, hey- did you know it was July? Crept up on you, didn't it? Me too. Me too. Oh my gosh, did you even realize what July is? My birthday month. Wait, I should put that in bold. My birthday month. I am actually really not into birthdays (they never really go as planned for me), but I am trying to be more positive in general, so I am faking it until I make it-- which I found can sometimes really help. Thusly, I am pumping myself up about my birthday in a way I can control: I can tell people what I want (this usually throws me into fits of panic), buy myself something lovely, think about where I was a year ago at this time and reflect, and consider what birthdays mean to me and set the tone for the day, week, month and coming year.

I'll be posting things I love here, and if anyone who is searching for a gift for me needs assistance, they can just check out this baby.

I love, love, love this Initial Heart Ring from Intention on Etsy, it's so sweet and simple. I could get a "G" for Genevieve, or a "D" for my last name. This would be something I would want to wear all the time. I love personalized items, something special made for you-- something that holds a meaning. The heart is so sweet and feminine, I want this ring sized to my pinky (where I know I would non-stop twist it round and round my finger). Additionally, this adorable ring is $21, what a reasonable price-- and right now there's no shipping! Now that's a great deal.

(The store is called Intention because it's amazing operator and creator says she "intend[s] to find happiness and joy in everything [she] do[es]. One of those things is creating unique jewelry that helps you proclaim your intentions. Intend more love, joy, peace, health, abundance, freedom in your life and you will have it." How perfectly does that pair with my birthday wish for myself? I love it!)

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  1. As always, a totally lovely find :)

    I have a feeling your birthday will be great! Good things for good people, after all...