Has anyone else noticed that Father's Day is right around the corner? We haven't even gotten our dad a birthday present yet (Happy 50th, Papa!) and I'm expected to find something for Father's Day (times two for Olivia and I, and then there's grandpas too...)? Sheesh, what am I? A present producing machine?

Well, recently I've been into bow ties, such a lovely accessory. I'm digging their whole summery vibe, the idea of a bow tie and a pair of khakis. I love these casual looking bow ties from Me and Mathilda. Like this blue seersucker one, or this creamsicle coral seersucker one. These ties are all the J. Crew look at a fraction of the J. Crew price and with none of the corporate sellout feeling I get whenever I can buy something off Etsy and don't!

I actually think I'll be buying one for a non-Dad in my life. The teacher-family friend who served as a recommendation for my awesome job considers his hallmark the bow tie. Or, I consider it his hallmark. Either way he wears them a lot. And I just love these for him, so lovely and non pretentious.

Make sure to check out the rest of the great wares from Me and Mathilda, like the Everyday Necktie Lime Green and Pink Dots, the Everyday Necktie Medium Check Orange Gingham and the Everyday Necktie Lime Gingham. They're all so delicious looking!

p.s. I'm so obsessed with Seersucker, I want a seersucker dress, any ideas?
p.p.s. My prom date, Audie, wore a vintage seersucker suit to prom. Seriously.

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