Oh hey, do you guys remember me? It's been a little while since I've posted, I know. There's no excuse. There's really not, I cannot think of one good reason why I have not posted in over a week. I can't even think of a bad one. Anyway, I've been busy at work ordering office supplies, and ever the google-r I cannot just buy from Office Depot or Staples and not consider where I could get these items cheaper. That's when I hit on Give Something Back, not only do they sell 30% recycled paper for $38.99 a carton (that's 5,000 sheets), but they also donate $1 to community food banks for every carton sold, which works out to four meals for every case of paper bought. Additionally, and even more exciting, is that Give Something Back donates half of their after tax profits to Community Based Organizations. That's 68 times the national corporate giving average, 68 times. Check out their current list of recipients here. They also have a very interesting business model called the "ripple effect" which is explained in this video, which I cannot embed.

I don't really know where you can go wrong with this company, they're selling paper at half the list price on Staples, donate back to the community, offer free one day shipping on orders over $50 (I think, it might be $45) and are very friendly-- when you set up an account someone calls you to discuss it. Moreover, when you call a person answers the phone, a person. This was utterly shocking to me. Check them out, even for your home office purposes this is a great choice. Order from them and let me know what you think!

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