Here's a truth: sometimes life is exhausting. Sometimes, you want to come home from work and just watch television, drink coffee and not. talk. to. anyone. Not that I know anyone whose having that sort of day, certainly not.

Here are the measures I took today when I got home to turn my frown up-side down (yes, I did.)

1. I got home and switched out of my work clothes into pajamas I am not only comfy in, but feel a sort of glamorous in as well: Old Navy black lounge shorts and a grey American Apparel Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover. I love puttering around the house in something comfy that doesn't feel like I've totally given up. I am a true believer in the bare shoulder-- it somehow effortlessly makes me feel cute, cozy and (in a very weird way) put together.

2. Then I made sure to sit in our new chair and a half (bought for one tenth the price at Macy's Warehouse --super lovely prices!) with pillows arranged just so.

3. Then I forced the dog to sit with me. And pretended that she really want to sit with me and totally wasn't annoyed at her crazy owner for never leaving her alone. Sort of like in this picture.

4. I sat down with some coffee and delicious trail mix-- something like Etsy seller Daily Delish's Agave Nectar Granola is the ticket. My trick to comfort food is something that is a bit of a splurge but not a killer.
There's nothing worse than coming out of a funk to find you've also gained a few new friends in the form of pounds. I can only imagine how delicious this granola is! I am salivating over the pictures even now.

My plan succeeded putting me in a better mood-- and my funk was totally thrown when I had to rush out to Greenvale to assist Luis with some car issues. I was not only happy to see my handsome boyfriend, but I also think I saw Kanye West in Wheatley Plaza. And! I got a frappuccino. What I'm trying to say is that my day totally turned around. So, how was your day, lovelies?

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