This weekend, Eric and I were supposed to go to a Bluegrass Festival...but of course, we had to have not one, but two cars taken care of (one was towed! Poor car!), so we ended up not going after all. However, we were both sorta bummed that we weren't going to have our mini-vaycay, so we decided to go out to Stony Brook village for the day to walk around and have a little stay-cation on good ol' Long Isle. We went to The Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages, as well as a quick walk through the Stony Brook grist mill. It was wicked hot outside, and we ended up getting to the museum just before closing, but somehow, this worked in our favor and we got to explore the whole 5 acre museum for a dollar each! Score one for us.

This is the scene from the Grist Mill--which actually is still used today!

At the museum, which is a bunch of different buildings, they have recreations, and some authentic slices of life from older days, such as this adorable (and so very hot inside!) one room school house.

The carriage collection is by far the best part of the museum. It was pretty darn cool to see vehicles which were actually used during a time before paved roads and GPS.

The museum was having a show on "America's Kitchens," but, the collection was pretty lame, to be quite honest (I kid you not, they had a George Forman grill in the collection...uh, yeah). However, it was cool to see this hutch, with all the tools inside, because my grandma has the same one!

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