Hi Lovelies! It's Wednesday...we're getting closer to the weekend! Today, while on line in Starbucks, a very pretty pregnant woman came up to me and said, "Where is your bag from?! I love it!" I told her it was my Lands End tote, and I thanked her; I found it slightly funny that she thought my simple tote bag was wonderful. It left a giant smile on my face! When I was at the post office, I was sending the package of cookies to Eric's dad and the postal worker asked if anything was perishable in the package. I told her they were cookies; she asked what type. I told her they were "Banana-coconut" and she smiled and said, "Now, that's original!" And, that too made me smile from ear to ear. I love being out in the world and spreading love, and I love when others spread that love back! There's nothing I love more than complimenting people I don't know; you never know what that compliment means to them! So, check out this "Give Good" print from Studio Mela; it pretty much sums up everything I'm feeling!

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