There's so many reasons I love Etsy: the independent artists, the original work, the amazing scope of beautiful and unique items. However, Etsy is a fun website not just for those who create and sell, but for those who have an eye for styling life. Let's say you want to group together all the items on Etsy you want with a theme of...yellow flowers. You search for yellow flowers and find dresses, pins, pitchers, and aprons. You want to show everyone your findings, so what do you do? You start a Treasury! You title your Treasury ("Yellow Flowers in the Spring") and place all the items you find together. People can search through your Treasury, click on items, and comment. It's a blast to find all the theme-items and search through all the Treasuries. This weekend I put together (in honor of the July 25th season premier!), "The Life of Betty Draper." Betty, the wife (er, ex-wife?) of Don Draper on Mad Men, is a classy, sassy, and very stylish woman from the late 1950s-early '60s. She has elegant style, is an ex-model, and loves to ride horses while keeping in fashion. I put together some handmade clothing, vintage bags, vintage dresses, riding boots, and accessories. I had so much fun scouring Etsy for these finds! What would you make a Treasury of?

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