Sorry things have been a bit quiet here, Olivia and I are both dealing with some family business, but we didn't forget about you! Here is a cute childhood picture of us for good measure.

For starters, Olivia just spotted Michael Lohan at Starbucks and my mother said very loudly to my aunt "SHE'S IN PRISON." What she should have said was "Hello, Michael, remember when you were behind me in line at the grocery store and pointed yourself out to me in a tabloid? Classy."

For your entree, please enjoy some blogs I enjoy.

I was recently lucky enough to meet Molly, and let me tell you she is amazing. Molly is spending her second year in Nepal, working for a Non-Profit, and just generally being charming and hilarious. Read about her adventures on Nepali Molly (it begs the question of what she would have named the blog had she not gone to Nepal?).

Then there's also the amazing Maya writing over at Loving with Chronic Illness, we've mentioned Maya on here many times before (and she guest posted for Christmas!). Maya does so much, I'm always blown away! You also must check out the pictures of Maya and her hunku boyfriend in Italy this past June.

You must, must check out Rebecca's blog Fosterhood NYC. Rebecca is a cool, hip Manhattanite (soon to be Brooklynite), foster mama- she blogs about all aspects of foster-parenthood and honestly the woman amazes me. I'd never, ever considered fosterhood ever once in my life, and now it seems like a real option for me. Not only is Rebecca amazing, but her little girl Jacket is so adorable, hilarious and brilliant. They are both an inspiration. Read through, it will change your perspective.

And for dessert, enjoy this This American Life episode about dogs "In Dog We Trust." Enjoy it because dog's are funny, and so is David Sedaris (it took me a while and This American Life to get me into him). Also, this is the photo attached to the episode:

(Doby's a Silky, just like Pip!)

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  1. Wow, this made my day! Thank you so much for that wonderful surprise - it means a lot that you view me and my blog that way. You lovely sisters give me continuous inspiration, so thank you for that <3