Happy Friday, loves! Sorry I've been gone all week...it's been a long week full of grandma in the hospital, but lovelies, she's all better and back on her feet (in fact, she's back to cleaning and gardening...we have to hold her down!). Thank you to my amazing co-partner for holding down the fort here! After this week of craziness, I am loving the idea of a mini-vaycay, and I'm thinking: Hamptons. Quogue, East Hampton, West Hampton, Amagansett, I don't care whichever it is, I'm ready and rearing to go! I would love to get a little trip to the beach, shopping at quaint stores, eating homemade ice cream, dining at sweet restaurants outside, and spending some time with my musician (I haven't seen him all week--he's playing in 3 different bands now!). When I think Hamptons, I think of beautiful and classic dresses, straw hats, white sandals, and lots of loose beach hair. Yum. I may not be able to really go to the Hamptons soon, but a girl can close her eyes and dream, right?!

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