Some people are happiest on the beach, some at Disney World, others in Paris, but me? I'm my happiest at a James Taylor concert. I love JT. Before I could even speak, my parents sang me James Taylor's songs, and now, years later, I can honestly say he's hands down my favorite musician. While I could listen to James for hours on my iPod, there's something almost magical and surreal about being at his concert and seeing him sing those songs right in front of you. I'm such a JTGeek that I even made Jenny wait in line with me for hours just to meet him. And, little known fact: Jenny's name somewhat comes from a James Taylor song (Jelly Man Kelly). See! He really is my fave. So, when I saw he was coming to Madison Square Garden with Carole King (another one of my absolute faves), it was as if my father read my mind when he got Eric and I tickets to go to the show for my birthday. Last night we went with my dad to the show, and I was blown away! I was skeptical about going to a concert in such a big venue, but the stage was round, and spun, so you never missed a moment. They both sang outstanding classics (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Sweet Baby James, It's Too Late, Smilin' Face); but my favorite moment was at the end of the show, they hadn't done How Sweet It Is (which is amazing in concert), and then they did it for their encore! I had to get up and dance. What's your favorite James Taylor or Carole King song?

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