Happy Friday, lovelies! What are you all doing this weekend? I'll be proudly attending two shows where Eric will be playing guitar. I love going to his shows because I always meet interesting people, get to relax outside, and take a ton of photos. Jenny's going to be celebrating her birthday in Brooklyn with Luis and friends...that's right, it's almost her birthday, and I have nothing to give her (more on this next week!). Yikes. Good going, big sis. Speaking of things that Jenny likes, when I came across this beyond adorable "Door to Another World," I sent the link to the birthday girl who wrote back in all caps, "OMG I NEED IT." You see, when we were little, Jenny and I would pretend that the refrigerator was a portal to another world. I think the world was supposed to resemble a Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood/Sesame Street scene; we would knock on the fridge and ask the imaginary "Mr. Owl" if we could come in. Sadly, he never let us in...probably because we would knock over the lettuce, apples, and cheeses, all things which normally do actually belong in a fridge. Anyway, quite obviously one of us never got over the dream of escaping into the fridge...Happy weekend, everyone!

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