For me, Summertime is all about crafts, quilts, picnics, and Eric's music shows. This summer he's playing banjo and guitar with three bands all around Long Island. What does this mean for me? It means I get to find cute dresses to wear to all the shows where I sit and take pictures, eat, and applaud my musician. When I came across the Too Much Fun Dress, I knew it was a perfect find for a Sunday Bluegrass show at one of the island's vineyards. It's cool for summer, would make me feel cute and sexy, and is amazingly classic and feminine. I have a thing for polka dots, so this vintage-inspired dress definitely makes my heart sing. To finish off the look, I'd stick with a simple pair of red earrings; I'm loving the Wild Bloomers Bright Red Roses from Hilary Caroline Jewelry, or the Cherry Drop Earrings from Crow Star Designs. Both pairs would add a touch of fancy to the dress, all the while keeping the look classy and classic. Where would you wear this dress?

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