Refinery 29 did an excellent feature on birthstone jewelry. This was honestly one of the most interesting, creative and fun collections I had encountered in a while--I found myself coming up with reasons as to why I needed March's Aquamarine Bronze Arrowhead (you know, to represent Olivia), and May's Emerald Pamela Love Peacock Ring (because that's when I got my job...?) or November's Citrine Bangles (because...Thanksgiving...?). July is clear though-- I am a July baby (just!) and therefore am born under the Ruby. How lucky for me! I've already asked my parents for the Erica Weiner Watch O'er You Ring, which they appreciate because I am famously difficult to shop for (asking me what I want for my birthday has actually sent me into crying fits before).

Not only is this ring beautiful and Ruby encrusted, but it has a history:
"This hand-cast brass ring was modified from a 19th-century wax seal discovered in an antique shop in Glasgow, Scotland. The text, "MAY IT WATCH O'ER YOU", reads backwards in mirror-image, so when pressed into hot wax a relief image is imprinted legibly."
Scotland! I love Scotland! The ring/Ruby will watch over me! I love that! I also love the idea of having my own wax seal! There is nothing about this ring I do not love. And because it is brass and not gold, the only downfall really, it is only $80! I want it, I need it! If my parents decide to not make this a birthday gift, I am buying it for myself!

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