I'm going to share a hot, new and totally not overwrought trend with you lovelies! Did you know vampires are totally in?! Oh, you did? You're already all Twilighted out? Tired of people saying "Sook-eh es a-mine"? Oh, well...I found some cute Etsy and elsewhere items which I couldn't resist posting.

All this vampy-talk makes me wonder: are you a Twilight Lovely, or a True Blood Lovely? I for one am a True Blood lovely-- Tara and that creepy British guy (he sounds just like Neil Gaiman!) are making for a really weird-interesting plot line. And I could never pass up that North Sea-raised, viking, crazy protective, strange and money hungry Eric Northman.

So, what about you, lovely reader? True Blood, Twilight, or other?


  1. I'm Team Werewolf: the Forsaken aka Team Werewolves Would Eat Vampires for Breakfast.

  2. Don't worry, Kinowolf, a werewolf post is coming soon. I would be remiss to forget my dear werewolves, and I think my dear S.O. would be a little upset..

  3. Oh My! I'm so very honored that you choose my Stake Pendant to feature.

    I love Eric, (inspiration behind my pendant)so, definitely a True Blood Fan.

  4. Ooh! Thank you so much for sharing my Vampire Bite Choker Necklace!

    I'd have to say I'm team Edward. He's a cutie! :0)