Morning, beauts! How was your Fourth of July? Eric and I celebrated with his entire family...which, if you have ever seen Dan in Real Life, was exactly like the movie: board games, barbeques, grandma in the was a blast. On the actual Fourth of July, we all trekked to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. Though it was a hot day, I have to say, it was a really special Fourth seeing the place where my ancestors came into America! And, even though I was born and raised in New York, I had never been to the Statue of Liberty! It was pretty amazing to ride on a ferry up to the Statue, sort of like my great-grandparents did so many years ago! Anyway, here's some pics of the weekend...!

Eric's dad takes amazing pics. I love this one of the Statue of Liberty with the blue sky behind her!

New York City skyline!

Eric and I before we took a boat ride around a lake to see gorgeous houses!

My banjo man and his dad strumming under the trees on a gorgeous night.

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