Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Boy, it's around 11:00am and I've already been to school, Old Navy, Marshalls, and Kmart! Is it time for a nap yet? While I go watch The View and do some sewing, check out these Lovely from Lovely vintage finds!

The Genevieve Vintage Genuine Leather Handbag

This adorable leather vintage bag is a perfect accessory to any wardrobe! This is a classic bag which would easily pair with work attire, rain gear, or a formal dress.

The bag has genuine brown leather trim and tweed. It features a tiny crescent on the top. It has two handles, which measure 10 inches; the bag measures 6x9.5x3.5. This is a perfect sized handbag. The bag has 4 feet, making it great for any city adventure, for it won't ever touch the ground!

The bag is very clean inside and has an inside pocket. The bag closes with a zipper. This bag is very reminiscent of vintage Coach bags. It is classy and sophisticated, but very adorable and feminine.

**Free shipping if shipped within the United States!**

What a find! This burgundy vintage faux-leather bag is perfect for traveling, school, laptop, or simply toting around your city.

It measures 15x13x6 inches. At its longest, the strap is 35 inches; however, it is easily made smaller with a sturdy buckle. It features two outer pockets, one with zipper closure, and one with clasp. The bag closes with a zipper closure.

This is a vintage Samsonite bag, thus there is a small tag on the front. The bag has feet and is very sturdy, so it is perfect for travel. It is totally clean on the inside.

**Free shipping if shipped within the United States!**

The Twain Vintage Overnighter

Did you ever feel like packing it all up in one big bag and going where the wind takes you? If you have, than this is the bag for you!

This light brown, faux leather bag is a must have for the traveling soul. It's spotless inside, with a large pocket. The outer pocket is large enough for papers, phone, and wallet; it has a secure zipper. The bag opens wide, and closes with a zipper. The faux leather has a cracked, worn feel about it, perfect for throwing in the back of a Jeep, on a boat, or stowing away on a plane. The bag is big enough for a laptop, as well. The bag has feet, making it ideal for traveling, for it stands on its own. The handle is long enough to throw over your shoulder or body. It has a buckle. This is a uni-sex bag, and is more than strong enough to hold all your important belongings!

Dimensions: 17 wide x 13 long x 7 deep on the bottom.

**Shipping is free if shipped within the United States!**

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