So, we all know how much we love ModCloth over here at Lovely. When I was doing my nightly ModCloth browse last night, I came across the most wonderful dress in the world: The Latin Teacher Dress! For those of you who don't know, I'm a Latin Teacher in the real world; so, you can understand how I fell in love with this dress...however, when I saw the price, my mouth dropped open: $175. Yikes. Maybe it's the "crazy Latin teacher in me" but, I decided to get a little tongue-in-cheek and sent a letter to ModCloth. It went something like this:

Dear ModCloth,
I'm a huge fan of your website (over at my website, Lovely At Your Side, we post your dresses almost daily!), but I have to write and vent for two seconds. I'm an actual, real live, middle school Latin teacher. I flipped out when I saw the Latin Teacher dress because it's perfect! It totally does encompass all the qualities of a young Latin Teacher: serious, but sarcastic, traditional, but modern, and above all: stylish and classic. I wish I could buy the dress, but on a Latin teacher's salary, there's no way I could afford an $175 dress. It's unfortunate that teachers, those who educate the minds of the future, make almost no money in this country, and what's more unfortunate is that when these teachers are honored by having a dress named for their profession, we don't have the money to get it! I love the dress and I love your site, but I also love my job too much to give it up to be a fashionista; I'll stick with being a recessionista and teaching my very lovable discipuli.
Semper, Magistra Olivia

I know, it's a little over the top, but seriously, teachers can't afford fancy frocks like this--I'm proud to be a Latin teacher and I'd love to wear this dress, but alas, I'll just have to go back to wearing my "Hello! My Name Is: Latin Teacher" sticker. That'll never go outta style!

[Update] One of the reasons I love ModCloth is that when you email them, you get a human response back! They've come over to Lovely a few times to comment (which we love!), and they're always so sweet. They sent me a very kind email back, explaining how they price their items, and thanked us for featuring their dresses. ModCloth, you are lovely, as always.


  1. Dear Magistra Olivia, I wrote them too because it is sold out and I desperately want them to bring it back. And, as a Latin teacher, I simply have to have it.
    Glad there are other Latin teachers our there with good taste! (PS Check out the cool Roman shoes on my blog!)
    Magistra Vanessa

  2. Hi! Welcome fellow, Magistra! Yes, it's such a great dress and a great name. I'm so glad there are other cool Latin teachers out there :)
    Mag. Olivia