Well, loves, we made it! It's Friday, and a Friday the 13th at that. I always think of Friday the 13ths as good luck days! Anyway, do you have any good plans this weekend? Eric and I are going to clean the apartment! Fun, right? Other than that, I'm sure we'll do some cooking, quilting, and obviously, music playing.

In honor of today being Friday the 13th and all, check out this "Lucky Number Thirteen Multicolor Pearl Gold" Bracelet from Armillata Designs. I love the detail on the vintage clasp and all the beautiful, subtle colors of the pearls. This would make a great gift for a very deserving woman in your life, or for yourself! (And this is totally affordable: it's under $30!) My other two favorite bracelets from Armillata Designs are the "Pink Pearl Aqua Blue Chalcedony Silver Flower Bracelet" (I love the pink pearls paired with the aqua gemstones), and the "Aqua Blue Black Silver Floral Charm Bracelet" (I love anything aqua, must be the Pisces in me!).

Have a great weekend, everyone! Are you wary of Friday the 13ths? Do share!

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