It's getting to be the end of summer (boo!), which means it's time to swing in the hammock, picnic at the beach, and make the most of your adorable summer wardrobe. What's a great way to transition those summer dresses into Fall? By using a feminine, flirty, and perfect-for-Fall hat! Check out these hats from Forever21; they all could be dressed up or down, are a great price, and would easily turn your summer style into a Fall fashion statement.

Top left: Straw hat with peacock feather belt, $9.80; Top right: In The Field Fedora, $13.80
Bottom left: Madeline Straw Hat, $13.80; Bottom right: Straw Cloche Hat, $10.80

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  1. Emily Post says: A lady may wear a floppy straw hat in public no sooner than after her first divorce.