A few months ago Luis came home with a package. He had bought the "Blackest Night Ring Set," and proudly wore the Sinestro* Corps ring (yellow). The sweet (sinister) boy even allowed for me to wear the indigo. The ring was huge, and while the yellow fit him, it was hard not to notice the big plastic ring on his finger. To say it was inelegant would be an understatement. But, Luis loved the ring, so I considered a more permanent solution.
I alchemied (you request what you want, people can bid on the chance to custom make and sell you the item you are looking for) a gold plated or enameled ring on Etsy. Christina Westbrook, of C Westbrook Designs, offered a bid which seemed really reasonable and after looking at her work on Etsy I was sold! Christina specializes in 3D jewelry-- I didn't even realize that was a thing until I started talking to her! A few weeks later, the ring arrived in my mailbox. Now, before I show it to you all, I want you to know a few things about what a dream it was to work with Christina-- she was kind, prompt and helpful. She was funny and cheerful. When we asked for the ring to be slimmer she not only redesigned, but lowered the price since it would be a smaller ring (this may seem like a "duh" but you'd be surprised with how difficult getting custom made items can be). When the ring was held up in production a few days Christina offered me a discount or a gift-- I mean, seriously, this girl was taught customer service from some of the finest!

And, finally, the final result is so perfectly what we asked for! I love it and I make Luis show it to EVERYONE.

This is the ring on Luis' hand

Below are the shots from Christina on her Etsy

*I think I should worry that his chosen team is "Sinestro."

Make sure to check out Christina's beautiful work, and to turn to her for all your custom 3D jewelry designs, at C Westbrook Design!

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